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RelaxPRO Brush

Introducing the RelaxPRO Brush from Mes Cheveux – a revolution in hair care technology. Designed with your scalp’s health and comfort in mind, this brush is a game-changer for anyone seeking a gentle relaxer application.

Our RelaxPRO Brush is meticulously crafted to reduce the risk of scalp irritation or damage. Its soft silicone bristles glide effortlessly through hair, massaging and invigorating the scalp without harsh scratching

Ideal for applying hair treatments, oils, and masks evenly throughout your hair. Its design ensures that products are distributed thoroughly, from base to ends, without any wastage.

Embrace the gentle touch of the RelaxPRO Brush and feel the difference in your hair and scalp health. Order yours today and step into a world of comfort and care with Mes Cheveux.


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