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FoamFlex Hair Rollers


Introducing our innovative foam rollers with a luxurious satin overlay, designed to revolutionize your styling routine. Crafted with high-density foam cores for gentle yet effective hair setting, these rollers feature a smooth satin surface that offers unparalleled benefits for your hair. The satin overlay minimizes friction, reducing the risk of breakage and damage while providing a sleek, polished finish to your curls or waves. Each roller is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal comfort during wear, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results without sacrificing your hair’s health. Whether you’re looking to create tight curls, voluminous waves, or sleek straight styles, our foam rollers with satin overlays are the perfect choice for achieving flawless, long-lasting hairstyles with ease and confidence. Elevate your styling experience and transform your hair into a masterpiece with our luxurious foam rollers with satin overlays.

Choose from 5 different diameters that will maintain soft flexible curls.



1/2 in – 14 pcs, 7/8 in – 10 pcs, 3/4 in – 8 pcs, 1 in – 8 pcs, 1 1/2 in – 6 pcs


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