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Benefits of Rice Water Shampoo & Conditioner

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What is Rice Water Shampoo & Conditioner

The consumer market is saturated with shampoos and conditioners targeting broad audiences with marketing to get them to buy. But, how do you know if the product you are purchasing is good for your hair type or texture and not the cause of damage to your hair. The idea of shampooing and conditioning your hair is to cleanse and add value to your style.

Careful not to become a target of great marketing, it’s important to do your research and know the product you are using and its benefits to get the most from using it on your specific hair texture and type.

Rice water shampoo and conditioner pre-dates it’s viral debut on tik-tok. In fact, Its origin dates back to ancient times, when Chinese women introduced the water in which they soaked the rice into their beauty routines. More specifically, the Yao women from Huangluo village in the province of Guangxi use fermented rice water to wash their strikingly long black shiny hair

Enjoy These Key Benefits:

Coconut oil helps to relax and moisturize the the cuticle layer to prevent tangling and leaves your hair nourished with shine.

Amino acids work to reduce friction by closing the hair cuticles and reducing friction.

Organic fermented rice water restores the pH balance through amino acids which leave your hair looking more full and firm.

Enjoy added strengthening of your hair by restoring your pH balance using this process of organic fermented rice water.

The antioxidants in the fermented rice water can calm inflammation on your scalp and is commonly used as a treatment for dry scalp and dandruff.

Organic fermented rice water protects your color by moisturizing and preventing the hair cuticles from opening which reduces color from fading. 

By adding Vitamin E and Botanical Keratin to our Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner, your hair will be stronger; promoting growth and providing long lasting shine.

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