Interested in upgrading your shipping solution? Here are 3 reasons why you need to consider multi carrier shipping solutions!


The ultimate need to keep up with the growth of the ecommerce sales is putting a huge pressure on shipping processes and operations.

If you are having troubles managing the growth of the business, lower costs or meet the expectations of the customers, it may be time for you to consider upgrading to a solution that can simplify your shipping process across your business.

Multi-carrier shipping software stands for scalable and highly customizable systems that help businesses save money and time while offering a great level of customer service without interrupting the current workflow.

In this article, we will present you 3 reasons it may be time for you to upgrade your shipping software:

  • Multiple shipping locations or stations – If you have a warehouse where multiple shipping workstations are based or if you have multiple warehouse locations, you need to upgrade your shipping software. You need a software that will optimize and standardize processes across the organization. The ultimate goal of every shipping manager is to provide a consistent level of service to customers, as well as, to meet specific shipping requirements.
  • Moderate-to-high levels of parcel shipments – Businesses with moderate-to-high levels of daily shipments (for example, 150 shipments or more) have a chance to reduce costs when using a shipping software that offers an easy access to multiple carriers. By using multi carrier shipping solutions that support rate shopping gives you the visibility and the independence you need to make the right choice for services and transportation based on the needs of your company and customers. The system gives you the information you need to negotiate rates and fees with shipping carriers.
  • Complicated product mix – If your business ships items or packages of different weights, sizes, and shapes, it can be complicated to determine the optimal service or carrier for every package. Having a multi carrier shipping software that offers a powerful automatically helps you define guidelines for any shipping task, for example, choosing a pre-defined carrier based on the package content, weight size or delivery needs.

You need a multi carrier shipping solution provider that understands the challenges your business faces. You need a shipping solution that fits right into the current shipping workflow and helps you move your business to the next level!