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716 Laurens Rd Greenville, SC 29607

Maintain Your StyleEven Longer Between Salon Visits

Our products equip stylist and consumers with top quality tools to maintain healthy hair. We will guide and inform our purchaser on what tools and products to use and how to use them.

Quality Products

A modern design and feel, but a quality, durable line of products made to last.

Our Guarantee

Our products feature a product manufacturers warranty guarantee.

Fast Shipping

We offer fast, reliable, priority shipping for our customers anytime.

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We are happy to help! Reach out to us with any questions you may have

About Mes Cheveux

We're The World's Most Trusted Hair Tools

We specialize in the everyday, healthy, happier you! Our hair tools and accessories are durable, salon quality hair styling tools featuring our modern design elements and smooth feel for the ultimate styling experience. 

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Become a Brand Ambassador

Connect your audience to our brand and start earning commissions today! Learn more about our brand culture and join our accelerating team by becoming a brand ambassador of Mes Cheveux

Why Retail Our Products?

Start Selling Our Line In Your Store Today!

Increase your revenue with sales of Mes Cheveux products while building client loyalty and enhancing your reputation by becoming a retailer.

As a professional stylist, you’re adding increased value to your salon. Once you sell the the product and show clients how to use it, you become the ultimate hairstylist.


Increase Revenue

Earn commissions with each sale of our products and enjoy exclusive pricing and inventory.


Client Loyalty

Build loyalty with your clients by retailing our products and sharing our promotions.

“Mes Cheveux keeps my hair silky smooth and healthy, year-round.”

Anatole France

Contacting Us

We Are Always Happy To Help!

We are committed to providing the most quality, well-designed tools in our industry. Let us know if you have any questions!

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09.00 AM - 6.00 PM


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Greenville, SC

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What They Say

Customer Testimonials

Everyone loves everything about Mes Cheveux Hair Tool line and styling agents. See what these customers say about us

Audrey Stevenson
Audrey Stevenson

Phoenix, AZ

Truly luxary! I cannot live a single day without my platinum flat iron from Mes Cheveux. I'm focused on reviving my hair and this line is my secret to a healthier me.

John Bannister
John Bannister

Las Vegas, NV

My girlfriend loved her eGift Card from Mes Cheveux. She thanks me nearly everyday for getting her this gift for valentines day. I will be back on every holiday from now on.

Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson

Boston, MA

As a stylist, I really appreacite the quality of these tools from Mes Cheveux. Great quality, affordable price, and really fast shipping + excellent customer service!

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